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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Beauty from Dry Wall Dust!

Kitchen Island Remodel

I hate dust!  It is everywhere and gets in and on everything. The haze it leaves on furniture drives me crazy most days!

Imagine a dust hater who decides to have a kitchen remodel. My biggest concern wasn't how the remodel would look, Oh NO!  I was most concerned the contractors wouldn't cover everything well enough in plastic to keep the dust down.

My worst nightmare was realized when I walked into the house after leaving the electrician alone to put in the new pendant and pot lights.  WHAT!  NO PLASTIC!  I saw drywall dust all over the counters, floors, in all my dishes, pot pans, silverware, you name it!  These particles even had the audacity to take up residence INSIDE closed cabinet doors.

My OCD went into overdrive and I began the laborious job of dusting, washing and mopping everything in the kitchen, breakfast nook and family room.  I could not even enjoy the progress that was being made because I was caught up ridding my home of the tons of dry wall particles that had invaded my space.

I spent several hours cleaning the kitchen area and fell into bed exhausted!  I woke up the following morning and walked into the kitchen.  I stood in awe as I saw the beautiful lights against the sleek white cabinets. What a transformation!  Out with the old and outdated and in with the new and more modern!

The previous night I had gone to bed thinking about all I had left to clean up and get in order.  The morning brought a different perspective.  My focus was on the beauty in front of me and not the work behind me or ahead of me.  I was able to look beyond the clutter and dust remaining in the other rooms and just see the kitchen.

Life can be so much like drywall dust.  It can consume us, stress us and keep us from seeing the beauty right in front of our eyes.  Yes, I felt accomplished when my tasks were done, but I did them with an ungrateful, disgusted and misdirected heart.

Today I look at the dust and the tasks ahead of me with a heart full of thankfulness and peace.  The work remains the same, but my eyes now see the beauty amidst the dust.  I have given myself permission to get off of the OCD train and just enjoy watching the transformation unfold!

Let's continue giving ourselves permission to get off the train and enjoy the beauty within the dust!

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I woke early yesterday morning to Isaiah 40:31 coming immediately into my head.

"But they that WAIT upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint! KJV

The words "wait upon the Lord" were impressed deeply into my mind!  I looked up the meaning of "wait" and read several different commentaries on the verse.  I wanted to find the deep spiritual meaning behind this word since it was the first thing on my mind when I work up.   After reading, pondering and praying all day and into the evening, I still had nothing thought provoking or deep revealed to me.  I was feeling disappointed and then  suddenly realized there was no deep, hidden message in this verse for me.  The Lord was simply saying:
  • Take time to wait on the Lord and hear from Him.  Don't rush it!
  • If you slow down and wait on the Lord, He will renew your strength!
  • The strength you will gain in waiting will be like the wings of the Eagles who soar effortlessly through the sky! 
  • The Lord will give you the ability to run and not be weary if you take time to wait on Him and quit relying on yourself!
  • Days when even walking may seem difficult, the Lord will make your steps lighter if you have waited on him!

Try starting your day by waiting on Him!  You may be amazed to see the journey He will take you on as you learn to Wait!

His Beloved Warrior Bride,