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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Apple of His Eye

A Great Banquet!

He has set a great celebration banquet before us.   The room glistens as the light catches the tall crystal goblets, gold plates, and diamond, sapphire and ruby encrusted platters.  

One by one we enter the banquet hall and take our seats. There is the homeless man who sits on the corner across from the park.  As he enters, his eyes fill with tears and he begins shaking, overcome with emotion.  He looks to the ground.  Our Host walks over and gently takes the man’s hand, guiding him to the head table.  I see our Host whisper something into the man’s ear, and I see the man smile through the tears.

I recognize the woman who just entered.  She works at the local market as a cashier.  She is gleaming with excitement as she takes her place at the table.  Next, a young couple deeply engaged in conversation with each other walk in holding hands.  They are so engaged with one another they don't seem to notice the hall, the Host or even those around them.  They take seats in the far corner of the room away from everyone else.

Next, I notice the widower I met at a grief group a few months ago.  He looks sullen and shows no emotion.  He goes to his seat in an almost robotic fashion.  More and more people continue to enter until the last one arrives.  She stumbles in; her hair is matted and make-up running.  Her clothes are disheveled, and there is a wild look in her eyes.  She is scratching herself so hard some areas on her arms are bleeding.  Her eyes are darting around the room.  She appears to panic and turns to leave.  The Host quickly wraps his arms around her and begins singing quietly in her ear.  The song somehow fills the room.  It is in a language unfamiliar to me.  I see this woman mold into his embrace as he continues to sing.  As the song concludes, the Host holds her steady and guides her to the seat next to his.

Then, the Host looks in each of our eyes as if to say, “You are the apple of my eye, and I have set before you the riches of my kingdom.  Taste and see that it is nourishment for your body and soul.  Drink deeply from the living water set before you and bask in the presence and beauty of my love.  It is for each of you."

An orchestra plays; the meal is served.  Each course is presented with elegance and precision.  The food is delicious, and the music is almost angelic.  

As the evening comes to a close, the Host walks out of the door, and all of us sit motionless.  None of us wants to move. 

Suddenly, I realize that I have been in the presence of the King.  My eyes fill with tears, and my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness.  He, The King, opened wide the door to His banqueting table and encouraged ALL of us to come in. 

It is now time to open wide our banqueting tables and let others comes in.   We are ALL precious in His sight, and we are ALL The Apple of His Eye!

His Beloved Warrior Bride,