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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Birth of Widowhood

I was pondering widowhood and began to see it like the birth canal. A child is comfortable inside the womb and has all it needs and then is whooshed and squeezed through this dark tunnel into a bright and scary place. This new world has noise, faces and confusion all around.
Little by little this child grows and changes, adapts and begins to enjoy this life outside the womb. The world takes on different meaning and the fear, confusion and other things experienced at birth change.
We go through the same thing when we become widows. We are whisked through a dark, confusing, unknown place. We scream, cry and fear as this new world is unwanted and different.
Little by little we learn to navigate life as a widow. Eventually, we look back and see we have created our own new world. Different than before yet filled with new life, new joy, new peace and new boldness to be who He created us to be despite our loss.

His Beloved Warrior Bride,