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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Promise Land

Would you be willing to wander in the wilderness for forty years to get to the promise land?  Moses wandered that long leading a rebellious and ungrateful group of people who kept messing up over and over.

He spent his own time in the wilderness after forty years of a pampered life!  God called him out of his forty years of wilderness into a new season wrought with resistance and hardships each step of the way.  He kept moving forward because he was called for such time.  Moses knew his call and kept going!

What call on his life!  What legacy!  What true devotion!

We are nothing compared to him yet God whispers in our ear and beckons us forward to walk in the call He has for us!  He is not asking us to slay a dragon although some may slay demons!  He is not asking us to be perfect, but to be real.  He is not asking us to have all the answers, but to lead others to the one who does.  He is not asking us to wear sackcloth and ashes, although it may be good for us to do sometimes to keep us from getting puffed up.

The Lord gently whispers, "come and follow me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance". The Nations!  Every face we see, every hand we hold, every ear that hears us and eye that sees us are part of our nation.

Our inheritance in the kingdom is to show them the way of the Lord!  We are to be like John the Baptist and cry in the wilderness reaching out to every man, women and child with the peace and love of the ever present peace maker; The Holy One, The Messiah, The Lord, The Everlasting King!

His Beloved Warrior Bride,


His Beloved Warrior Bride